Bungalows in Yoshiwara Gonbe Village

Bungalows in Yoshihara Gonbe Village.
One bungalow has “Daikanbo” view and the other has a idyllic view of the countryside . Each bungalow enjoys different views. There is also a cooking area, so please feel free to use it.


■Bungalow 1 (room : KIJI)
This bungalow has two floors. The first floor is about 13㎡. The second floor of the loft type is about 5㎡. There is a shared cooking place and a reception office next to it.
¥7,000 (excluding tax) :one room per night charge
■Bungalow 2 (room : KAKESU & MOZU)
There are two bungalows whish are 13㎡. They have small porch , so you can BBQ under the roof.
¥5,000 (excluding tax) :one room per night charge

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What do you have in bungalows?
A : As it is a bungalow in the campground , this is very simple.
No beds, no furniture, no fridge, no air conditioning
(stoves and hot carpets can be rented in winter)
There is a power supply and simple light.

Q : Do you have bedding(FUTON)?
A : We rent a sleeping bag and a blanket for ¥ 1,000 (excluding tax).
Blanket only (single size 1 sheet) \300.

Q: Do you have a bathroom or bath?
A : There is no private toilet and no batheroom in each bungalow.
But there are toilets and shower space in the campground. And there is rock bath in Hatagoyomi. You can take the rock bath in Hatagoyomi.
Please contact us when you want to use the rock bath.

Q : Can I take my pet together?
A : It is possible to stay with pets, but it may be refused at crowded times.

Bungalow photo