We harvest rice planted in the cherry blossom season and cook rice with fresh water that flows from the back mountain.

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Camping site

About 30 years ago, a lot of cedar trees fell down by the strong typhoon along the mountain slope.

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One bungalow has “Daikanbo” view and the other has a idyllic view of the countryside .

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mini log cabin

The elevation difference is -60m from the top square, + 30m from the field calendar.

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Rock bath gentle touch…

From the “Hatagoyomi”, go through the small path and leave. “Hatagoyomi away” includes a rock bath with a monolithic rock and a Goemon bath with the smell of Showa. Although it is not a hot spring, the warm rock feel is very gentle.

Yoshihara Gombe Village with clear air and quiet time ...

A place where “rural baths” are available. That is what Yoshihara Gombe Village aims for. Please enjoy the clear air and quiet time, as if you were visiting a relative's house in the countryside.

In Yoshimura Gombe Village, we will help you to enjoy the refreshing feeling and tranquility, but you will never be able to enjoy the full hospitality of a hotel or ryokan. Entrust yourself to the slow flow and spend a quiet time.