Hatagoyomi in Yoshiwara Gonbe Village

We harvest rice planted in the cherry blossom season and cook rice with fresh water that flows from the back mountain. Side dishes are seasonal vegetables from the field ... Surely, everyday food that used to be nothing before may be now the most luxurious thing. At Hatagomi, why not come to this kitchen and spend it slowly? I think you can feel what is delicious and what is beautiful now. We have prepared two type of rooms which are named Samujii and Hanare.


Agriculture and forestry fishermen's 100 best-in-class mothers

Field calender


turnip ,potato ,taro ,yam,Chinese cabbage, Japanese radish, carrots, spinach, rapeseed flowers, Fukinotou ,Warabi ,Fuki(kinds of wild vegetable), cabbage、pea ,Japanese parsley, leaf mustard , chinese chive , bamboo shoot , Japanese mushroom


chinese chive , aubergine , corn , pea , cucumber , green pepper , pumpkin , tomato


chinese chive , aubergine , pea , chestnut , yam , sweat potato , cucumber ,pumpkin , green pepper , spinach , carrot , tomato , burdock , buck wheat , Chinese cabbage , konjak , Japanese mushroom , rice


Chinese cabbage , Japanese radish , buck wheat , turnip , taro , leek , rapeseed flowers , carrot , yam , spinach , burdock , konjak

Hatagoyomi photo